cheyenne-eolos maintenance for windfarms

cheyenne-eolos maintenance for windfarms

cheyenne-eolos maintenance for wind farms, is a maintenancetool for wind farms of all manufacturers. In 1999, we were the first to use this software to collect all! control data of all! manufacturer’s wind turbine types directly. Direct query means that we access the controllers via windows socket technology without using the manufacturer’s selection programs or similar. At that time this module was developed in cooperation with the company Oltec in Oldenburg, which was later taken over by Siemens. Afterwards we replaced the sockets interfaces with our own interface tool.

Thi started also a a software on demand. cheyenne-eolo’s operational management for wind farms was developed in cooperation with a wind farm company. However, we terminated the cooperation with this company and then decided to offer cheyenne-eolos as a standard software. Especially in other European countries it is used by many companies. In the meantime we have made special adaptations for some companies, so that there are different versions of cheyenne-eolos operations management for wind farms.

Features of this maintenancetool

Management of all wind farm data

Approval data

Management of all plant data

Plant type
Maintenance cycle
GIS data

Management of all component data

Oil change

Fault Recording Module

Fault recording manually and via interface
Management of manufacturer-specific fault codes
Assignment of fault codes to fault relevance and actions
Automatic information to insurances, manufacturers, mechanics and the like (e.g.: 500 h standstill or similar)
Workflow for the processing of faults