cheyenne bonus system

cheyenne-bonussystem is the backend for our product cheyenne-stromantrag. This software is optimized for the management of the entire sales process, from the prospective customer to a bonus campaign of a sales partner to the customer. Here we describe the software using the example of our customer Naturwatt Gmbh, of course this software can also be adapted to other needs.

This software manages on the one hand all master data for the operation of the application line cheyenne-stromantrag and on the other hand all processes that should run before the application or after the confirmed application. Our product cheyenne-bonussystem is available in two versions, the full version described here and a light version only for managing the data received via cheyenne-stromantrag. An upgrade to the full version is possible at any time without loss of data.

Data management

  • Customer data
  • Payment data
  • Product data
  • Tariff data
  • Network operator and supplier data according to postal code
  • Sales partner
  • Bonus campaigns
  • Voucher data


  • double opt-in process with the legal waiting period for online customers
  • transfer of customer data to your accounting / billing system
  • Sales promotions, e.g. planning and scheduling vouchers, triggering voucher printing by transferring to print partners, redeeming vouchers via the registration route
  • Sales partner management, including head office and branches
  • Import and export of data to external systems, e.g. document archive for electricity application PDFs
  • Automatic generation of vouchers upon conclusion or at the start of delivery of an electricity contract (communication with an ext. billing system)
  • Sales partner login for displaying the sales success
  • Extensive reporting